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'When You Stop Running From Fear, Fear Stops Running You'
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I Will Teach You The 3 Secrets To Ending Your Suffering...
 Secret #1 There Is Nothing Medically Wrong With You...
 Secret #2 You Do Not Fear The Situation That Triggers Your Anxiety Or Panic... You Fear The                         Ugly BUT Harmless Sensations Themselves...
 Secret #3 The ONLY Answer To Ending Your Suffering Is Your Conscious Attitude...
I Will Also SMASH All The Lies & False Beliefs That Are Holding You Back From Taking Action,  And Set You Free...  
Here Are Just Some Of The False Beliefs & Lies That We Are Going To Crush...
  • The Lies Around What's Really Going On With You...
  • The False Beliefs That You Have Been Conditioned With About What You ACTUALLY Suffer From...
  • The False Beliefs That You Have Been Fed About GAD, OCD, PTSD... You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised...
  • The Lies About Needing Medication... I'm Calling B.S On This One...!
  • Not To Mention The Lies About Needing  Expensive And Ongoing Therapy & Counselling... More B.S... 
  • The False Beliefs That You Have Been Fed About You Having To Cope With & Manage Your Anxiety Condition, Whether It's GAD, OCD, PTSD, Panic Attacks Or Phobias... 
  • The False Beliefs That You Currently Have About Whether You Can Be Well Again, Wether You Will Be A Happy, Anxiety And Panic Free Person Again ...
  • The Biggest Lies Of Them All... That GAD, OCD, PTSD Are Mental Disorders Or Illnesses, And Are Separate From Each Other... Yeah Right...
  • And Much, Much More...
  • These False Beliefs Are Responsible For Keeping You Trapped In A Perpetual Cycle Of Anxiety And Panic, Preventing You From Stepping Up To The Plate And Swinging, From Doing What You Have To Do To End Your Suffering...
'When You Stop Running From Fear, Fear Stops Running You!' - Shaun Grant
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About attackpanic!
"I bought your book attack panic. I am healed. I want to say thank you to you.
Please say hallo to your wife and kids. Keep up the good work.
Regards" - Karen (South Africa)
"Here's my story. ..I first had my panic attack at a restaurant when I was with my family. was a very scary experience. I didn't know what caused it and why it happened. .. i had more panic attacks and didn't know what to do n i kept it to myself for a while ..Shaun Grant use to come to my restaurant and one day he gave me his card. .he had attack panic on the card n name n number. ..I found out he had published a book called attack panic so I bought one and read it...I can not tell you how relieved I was when I read it. ..I was suffering from panic attacks anxiety.. ..But once I read his book and followed his way of dealing with it, it changed my attitude and I stopped having panic attacks and anxiety thing I learnt is to be grateful and accept who I am unconditionally .. I definitely recommend you to read his book and take it from there ...thank you Shaun Grant " Ali (New Zealand)
"I have been suffering from panic attacks since I was 14. I'm now 49, and after working with Shaun for 5 months have made more progress with him than anyone else. Before that I'd sought help through therapists and medication, neither of which made any lasting difference. Shaun taught me how to put things into perspective and create new habits through repetition. And to have courage by "stepping up to the plate". He's been an incredibly valuable teacher, both in overcoming panic and in life, and I'm really grateful I found him." Amy (USA)
"My issue started 2010 with having these sensations my throat was going to close up, numb face tingle feeling in my mouth and I couldn't get in my car and drive to Wellington or anywhere out of my comfort zone. I thought many times when this happened to me I was going to die, The worst was my chest I would get this terrible sensation, my chest was tight and felt like I was having a heart attack so bad that I had to take my jacket and t shirt off to relieve the constant pressure in my chest. This however never made any difference.
Eventually this would disappear but the constant worry everyday that it was going to happen again was so tiring on me and my the mind and especially my family that had no idea what to do..
A friend of mine recommend Shaun Grant but I was not keen at first all I wanted to do was take a pill to make it go away.

The attack panic programme has been a god send  to me, it has made me realise there is hope and the work that Shaun Grant did with me has been amazing. At first I thought this wasn't going to work and nothing will help me no matter what anyone does, but I gave it a chance, I knew this wasn't going to be instant which in my case anyone would want... wave your magic stick and its all gone. So I started the sessions and eventually I got through the sensations.

I had setbacks which gave me the biggest fright ever (even though Shaun told me that this was part of the process!), but with the support of attackpanic I was able to get myself back on track again.

I would totally recommend Shaun  and the attackpanic team to others, I highly recommend the time and effort that was given to me, even when I thought I was going to die lol... Shaun was only a phone call away, which made my life so much easier. 

attackpanic is not just a talk, and then send you on your way. I had many follow ups and each day got better each time. Eventually I was able to do it all on my own." - Nikki (New Zealand)
"Firstly just want to say great book and amazing story you went through! I don't know how you went through all that pain suffering for so long but so happy that you got through it all a stronger person!

I got my first panic attack at the end of March and didn't know what it was...Thought I got a heart attack or something. From that moment on I kept on having this anxious feeling (of course I went to a cardiologist and said all is fine) and I did some research and realised I have some sort of anxiety. 

I lately started having more panic attacks (one while I was driving) and then got scared of driving and even flying and working myself up so much before I know I need to drive or fly or go somewhere public. I was reading some free advice on Dr. R Wilson website and found it very interesting and helping me. But I just realised I had to get some help so went on the internet and there your book popped up. I read the first pages on the internet for free and just knew I had to buy it. So I did 3 days ago and believe it or not I already read the whole book...amazing! My first day today without feeling panicky and decided this morning just to get in the car and face my fears. Something happened and I just realised these sensations in my body are just sensations like you said and I get them from GAD and nothing to fear. So I just let them fill me without giving them meaning and so far so good. 

If they return then I will just continue with your BB3 and keep on practicing." - Nico (Poland)
"My husband went out of the country for 6 days and just returned home last night. He's been my so-called "safe person" for 36 years, but you and I know what a big fat lie that is. All these crutches we use to cope. We'd never been apart like that. And it was a huge step for me to let go and be on my own. But I did it. Your voice was forever forefront taking me minute to minute, day by day. 

The first 24 hours were hairy. Yet i now knew that it was only my subconscious playing that stupid old record. I was able to really understand that finally. In the past I couldnt figure out why I couldnt control the symptoms. Id talk to myself over and over and though I knew in reality that there wasnt anything to really fear, the sensations would come anyways. Now I know why! That was a huge breakthrough for understand the workings of the amygdala and subconscious. I would talk to my brain...named her Amy (Amy-gdala) and say stuff like "Amy, I know youre just doing what Ive taught you to do, but youre going to change some from here on. We're going to turn your thermostat down some so you dont have to be on such high alert all the time." Ha! I think she's working at a lower speed already.

Other tools were to only focus on one day at a time.
In the past when Ive had to face something, its been like a stopwatch being set and all I do is hang on for dear life till its over and Im safe again. Thats like holding your breath under water for 6 days. Not very practical. 

I determined it was not going to go like this, this time. The amount of time he was going to be away was certainly something big for me to deal with. But I wasnt going to survive till safety returned. I was going to be safe in myself no matter how long he was away. Monday was the day he left and all day I focused on just the block of "Monday." I saw it as a little box of time and worked to stay within that box. Id start to think about all the other days and all the what-ifs...and Id refocus on "just today. Just Monday." That helped ALOT to not let time fuel fears. I didnt have to tread water. I could go about my day and be ok. And do that again the "next day". The next box of time. One at a time.

And "ok" was letting the waves of sensations come and go. It was challenging to not feed into them...."oh we go" but I was able to think of all youd taught me....let them come and let them go without adding to it...they were only doing what theyd been taught to do. Internally my brain knew my husband was away and that = anxiety = panic. Again, understanding the brains just been wired on a different level to interpret that as DANGER and release adrenalin was a visual I could rationally understand. Plus the reward was that the less I stressed about the sensations, the payoff would be the thermostat would get turned down. Down down down with every victory of just letting them come and go. 

Monday night my daughter and I were watching a reality show where a girl on it started having a panic attack....that definitely turned up my alert signals inside. She was hyperventilating etc. The scene didnt last long, but my radar was definitely turned up a couple notches. I didnt feed it and rode the waves of sensations but I never felt like I ever came all the way back down from them. Then I went to bed. I was ok getting off to sleep but my dog woke me up in the middle of the night to go out. I must have been already in the midst of a sea of sensations because when I got out of bed I was electrified with adrenalin and cortisol from head to toe! I could barely walk I was so shakey and weak from such a massive release of these super chemicals. I felt like I was disintegrating. I was sweaty and clammy and could not think straight in the least. I had not felt such an onslaught of sensations that intense for years. I did my best not to feed it. "Oh man, what if its like this every night? What if I never come down from this and I feel like this for 5 more days!?" I knew it was adrenalin and cortisol so I wasnt in the dark as to what was going was just so intense I didnt think Id be able to level off again. Or come down from it and function. 
But I do have to say...I DID NOT PANIC! Wild how I could seperate myself from the sensations and PANIC. I thought some panicky thoughts but I dont feel I ever had a panic attack persay. I was exhausted from all the adrenalin release and kinda passed out. The next morning though, I woke up....FINE! I got out of bed and was strong. I wasnt shakey or weak or wiped out. I was back to normal. THIS WAS HUGE TO ME! It was one of the worst sensation-bombs ever but it did not blow me out of the water. I did not feel the need to call Halley or think id have to go to the hospital or any escape routes. As you say, I let it do its worst and I was ok with the worst (tho I think there are "worst" levels yet to come as I keep branching out)....but this was again HUGE for me. 

From then on, I was in another world. A great world. I felt ME coming up and out! I love being alone and here I had 5 more days to do whatever I wanted and enjoy a quiet home and my work...which I spread out over the whole house. It was the most beautiful peaceful memorable time from there on. I was able to be ME. The introvert who loves being alone and quiet. Creating with lots of space. It turned into a VACATION for me! I slept in. I ate what I wanted. I left dishes in the sink. I watched movies. I took my 3 dogs for long walks. I went beach combing on the beach. I read. I took naps. I lit candles at night and relished how quiet the house was. No one to answer to or be disturbed by. It was a glimpse of who I really am under all the layers of this learned behavior that made me so dependent on others. People I dont even want to be around! 

And that included my husband! ALOT of my own marriage stuff came up this past week. How different we are. How I stuff so much to not jeopardize my "saftey net". All the noise and dirt and differences of his life and mine that clash. And how much I really love living ALONE! I will process this reality over time. He's home now and I am more anxious about him being home than I was about him leaving! Ive tapped into ME and I am thrilled. I feel hugely free in many ways tho I know I have plenty of work to still do. 

Sorry so long but I couldnt wait to write you. I hope you read this. I hope you know God gave me you for this next healing phase which I believe is the 
end-phase of this 50 year battle. Thank you. You are with me for the rest of the journey through and I will keep you posted on how Im progressing.

with much love from the other side of the world," - Kate (USA)
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